by Сны Энтомолога




Live recordings 25/12/2014
@ La Répéticion rehearsal


released January 13, 2015



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Сны Энтомолога Saint Petersburg, Russia

Swamp rock and doomberry pies.

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Track Name: Star Killers
Travels in time
Just for killing all spaces
Every moment we die
Breathing meteors dust

Drink the fire of suns
Trying to catch all the gods
And all the pharaons scars
We are the rust
Of spaceships and stations
We are planet parade
In the names of love and hate
Parallel senses
Dreams like the mirrors
Destroying all stars
Turn the galaxies off

Babylon dreams turn into ashes
Ancient names turn into grass
Our silence is sky without any signs
Our happiness is to breath deep enough

Born into empty illusion
Reaching the cross of colours and sounds
Hearing voices of anger and indifferent past
Seeing future in passing days
In the point of now
Hoping for nothing
Make all the senses merge into one
Track Name: The Man With a Dog Head
Light from our eyes
Brings the universe dawn
Just like sleepless child
In a river of green sky

Know the existence of
Illusion in a needle's eye
Know the creation of
Sincerity and lie

Going through the glow of days
Giving names to nothingness
Slowly raise our hearts
With chaos in our dreams

Controlling restless minds
Escape the breathless state
To find the path of wind
Reborn with howl and scream
Track Name: Diogenes
Take me down, take me to dirt
Mortal god I am, Death is take me to learn
Swallow the smoke of the pyres
Feel Freedom of Doing and Will
See the clouds of colours
Speak of what world should be

Fired up the fate carved on a flesh
Madness of past days is on my side
All of the deep buried dreams
Cry out our names
Track Name: Sleeping Bones
Feel the funeral vibes
Ancient rite has been completed
Happiness for the dead
Is in the chorus of bleeding
Empty eye sockets of earth
Covered with flowers and grass
Silhouettes of crosses piercing the sky
Just like the song of still beating hearts
Track Name: Sacrificing Sun
Fighting against force of gravity
Giant wakes up from sleep
Realize true self lose duality
Twisted noose of fate
Diving deep into rainbow heart
By the fire of molten steel
By the noise of a serpent skin
Into waters where secrets dwell

Sacrificial star light the day of the beast
What's done is done there is no way to kneel
Moments like concrete walls let your soul burn

All of the angels got heaven addiction
Trying to teach how to say words of truth
All of the demons got eyes of sky colour
And they teach how to say words of love
Track Name: Radio Moth
В ожидании новых волн
Рисуешь круги на песке
Наблюдая как солнце
медленно катится вниз
оставляя цвет пепла немым облакам

Наши слова всего лишь песок
Наши мысли вода океанов
Track Name: Moses and Merneptah
Long way home fall from the sky
Seasons change in our minds
Read desert dunes like words of winds
Speak to waves of oceans and seas

Walk miles and miles
Between clouds and walls
Over rivers of poison and blood
Get into space and stars
Into the flesh of stones
Into the bones of earth
Through open gates of mind
Into the eyes of storms
Eyes of the seeing one
All grails destroyed
Sentinels sleeps in the rocks
Pyramids ruined and fulfilled

'Cause wheels of emptiness
Driving our lives
We walk this endless days
Funeral roads in the fire
Pain brings us back to life
From angels dreams
Death finds us in the tombs
Of our thoughts and desires

This is us that's how we feel
This is our lives we shall not fear